Postgres OnLine Journal: June 2014 - October 2014
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From the Editors
What's new and upcoming in PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Q & A

From the Editors


PostGIS presentations at Postgres Open 2014 in Chicago

For those of you who will be attending either of our PostGIS sessions in Postgres Open 2014 in Chicago September 17th, we've put up a page where we'll be posting links to the data we'll be using as well as the examples so you can follow along and copy and paste. Page is

We ask that you bookmark the page before you come and try to install PostGIS 2.1 if you haven't already. Not much to see there yet. For those who haven't signed up, it's not too late. For those who will be unable to make it, we'll try to post all the content from the tutorials on the above page.

From the Editors


FOSS4G 2014 televised live

If you weren't able to make it to FOSS4G 2014 this year, you can still experience the event Live. All the tracks are being televised live and its pretty good reception. Lots of GIS users using PostGIS and PostgreSQL. People seem to love Node.JS too.

After hearing enough about Node.JS from all these people, and this guy (Bill Dollins), I decided to try this out for myself.

I created a node.js web application - which you can download from here: . It's really a spin-off from my other viewers, but more raw. I borrowed the same ideas as Bill, but instead of having a native node Postgres driver, I went for the pure javascript one so its easier to install on all platforms. I also experimented with using base-64 encoding to embed raster output directly into the browser so I don't have to have that silly img src path reference thing to contend with.

From the Editors


FOSS4GNA 2015 and PGDay San Francisco March 2015

PGDay 2015 San Francisco will be held March 10th 2015 in Hyatt, San Franciso Airport, Burlingame, CA (Just outside of San Francisco). This year PGDay will be hosted along-side Free and Open Source Geospatial North America (FOSS4GNA) conference 2015 which runs March 9th-12th and EclipseCon NA 2015. Speaker submissions for FOSS4GNA 2015 and EclipseCon NA 2015 will end this Monday November 17th, 2014.

Call for papers for FOSS4GNA 2015 is still on, but ends this Monday November 17th, 2014. Accepted speakers for FOSS4G 2015 NA get to attend the main conference for free.

What's new and upcoming in PostgreSQL


PostGIS Day synopsis

Yesterday was PostGIS day or as some may call it, Post GIS day and a couple of interesting things happened this day:

  • PostgreSQL 9.4 RC1 came out.
  • There were parties and unconferences, many summarized on
  • I managed to entertain myself with a Conway's game of life PostGIS raster Map algebra style and pondered how wonderful PostGIS would be if it could generate animated gifs with some sort of aggregate function; to which I was politely called crazy by some of my fellow PSC friends.

But what was greatest of all and took the cake were these pictures:

PostGIS day cake
Powered by PostGIS

PostgreSQL Q & A


FOSS4G and PGOpen 2014 presentations

At FOSS4G we gave two presentations. The videos from other presentations are FOSS4G 2014 album. I have to commend the organizers for gathering such a rich collection of videos. Most of the videos turned out very well and are also downloadable in MP4 in various resolutions. It really was a treat being able to watch all I missed. I think there are still some videos that will be uploaded soon. As mentioned lots of PostGIS/PostgreSQL talks (or at least people using PostGIS/PostgreSQL in GIS).

Slides and code to our talks can always be found on our presentations page.

Talks we gave at FOSS4G

Tutorial Sessions we gave at PG Open 2014

We have a biggish splash page for this with the related content. PG Open 2014.

  • PostGIS: Up and Running slides very incomplete but all I could get Leo to put up with and even had to sneak some in. The slides again don't cover all that was covered because Leo doesn't like slides and thinks all talks should involve running code live. So again please look at the code and use your imagination to figure out what transpired. I must add that SANS slides, Leo managed to cut into lunchtime I think I'm about to cut into your lunch time, everyone okay with that? Hold on let me check to make sure there is food left. At lease he recognized an issue. Thanks all for being a good sport about it.
  • PostGIS2.1 on Caffeine:Raster, Topology, and pgRouting PDF version despite having 110 slides, I was a bit unprepared and had an embarassing amount of time left. Lesson learned follow Leo's lead with more live demos and polish up on my pgRouting and Topology content. If PG Open folks are willing to have us again, I should have a more polished training next time around. There was so much more about raster I wanted to say but didn't want to monopolize too much of the time talking about rasters.