PostGIS 1.3.4 almost out the Door and 8.4 highlights

PostGIS 1.3.4 is almost out the door - Need testers

Well PostGIS 1.3.4 is almost out the door and we will be releasing an RC3 very shortly. As a developer in the group and also as a user of the product that is near and dear to me I would be really appreciative if people in the PostgreSQL community interested in PostGIS can test this out. Below is a clip of Mark Cave-Ayland's note to the postgis-dev group.

PostgreSQL 8.1+ - Win32
PostgreSQL 8.1+ - Solaris
PostgreSQL 7.3  - Linux

PostgreSQL 8.1+ - GEOS 2.2.3 - Linux
PostgreSQL 8.1+ - GEOS 3.0.3 - Linux
PostgreSQL 8.1+ - GEOS 3.1 - Linux

The plan here is to check Win32/Solaris both pass the new sed tests in, make sure we haven't broken really old PostgreSQL
builds, and also make sure that GEOS 2.2, GEOS 3.0 and the very new GEOS
3.1 with prepared geometry doesn't break either.

We are especially looking for 7.3+ testers! Gasp and Sun Solaris 64-bit testers and 8.4 testers of any OS persuasion. I know Mark is a man of integrity and he promised this version would work even on 7.3 so I guess we have to stick to that. I don't think anyone personally cares about it working on that version but him, but we have to humor him :).

A couple of notes here of what has changed:

  1. This now should compile with 8.4 dev
  2. Lots of memory leak bugs closed to make upcoming GEOS 3.1 work well with PostGIS and major speed enhancements if you are using GEOS 3.1
  3. AsGeoJSON and minor changes to other output function
  4. Numerous speed improvements for ST_Intersects, ST_DWithin, ST_Contains,Within, etc
  5. Numerous bug fixes to circular string support and increase in number of functions it works with.

Downloads of the source are at: Choose the 1.3 snapshot or 1.3.4RC3 when we release it.

8.4 on the Way

8.4 seems to be moving along. Hubert Lubaczewski has some nice examples of what you can expect and boy is he on a roll. Below are some and I'm sure I missed others.