When it rains it Drizzles

MySQL is turning out to be one big soap opera as far as I can tell and as Bruce Momjian has mentioned.

Lets go over some of the interesting episodes of this saga:

  1. First Sun buys MySQL
  2. Falcon storage engine creator Jim Starkey leaves MySQL/Sun
  3. Brian Aker heads Drizzle which is a fork of MySQL that hopes to be a stream-lined implementation of MySQL that leaves out all that nonsense we don't need such as views and stored procs and targeting it self for running on the cloud, optimizing for massive concurrency, and ease of install. I presume Brian still works for MySQL/Sun though.
  4. Michael "Monty" Widenius Leaves MySQL and Sun to help with this Drizzle thing, but will still be working on Maria according to Brian (see comment below).
  5. And now Jay Pipes leaves as well to work on Drizzle. He will still be a Sun staff engineer on Drizzle, but not the MySQL community leader.

I'm not sure what all these things say about the stability of the MySQL core. I mean should I stick with MySQL 5 or run for the Drizzle, but I think I'll stick with PostgreSQL where ever I can. PostgreSQL may not be quite as interesting from a soap opera perspective, but it seems a tad bit more dependable and I really like my views and stored functions.