Portable GIS: PostgreSQL and PostGIS on a USB Stick

First this is a windows only package, but nevertheless sweet. In our article What can PostgreSQL learn from MySQL? we complained about the fact that there is nothing like Server2GO pre-packaged with PostgreSQL. Low and behold comes this thing called Portable GIS 1.2 which can be downloaded from http://www.archaeogeek.com/blog/portable-gis/. This is similar in architecture to Portable Apps. Its a suite of applications you can run from your USB drive without having to reboot your windows computer.

I'm not sure if a similar thing exists for Linux, but would be nice to know if it does. Note: all the packages this portable tool set comes with work on Linux and most started life on Linux, so it seems to me it should not be too hard to make a Linux port of this if it doesn't already exist. Also most of these tools work on Mac OSX as well so a similar package can be made for Mac OSX.

The package is a bit hefty at 460 MB and is still alpha quality, but comes packaged with sample data and all any beginning or experienced GIS user needs to carry along with them. To boot it would provide a good intro to increasing the PostgreSQL family. Unfortunately we don't have a virgin windows computer that doesn't have some of these packages installed to try this out on.

Now this bag of treats comes with the following packages: