Updated Foreign Data Wrappers for PostgreSQL 9.3 Windows

As stated in last article, I've packaged FDW binaries for PostgreSQL 9.3 windows 32-bit and 64-bit and added in the ogr_fdw one. These we've tested with the standard EDB Vc++ built PostgreSQL windows installs and work fine with those.

This package is an updated list from ones we've distributed before that includes ogr_fdw and recompiled with latests source from www_fdw and file_textarray

Below are the zip files that contain the binaries and dependency files for our favorite FDWs (that aren't normally available for windows):

If you are using Chrome, Chrome is sometimes flagging the zip files on this site as possible malware with comment Not commonly Downloaded Warning. If you get such a notice click the drop down option it provides and choose Keep. Alternatively try the 7z versions, which you can extract with 7-zip. These for some reason aren't being flagged.

FDWs in the 9.3 downloads