PostGIS In Action 2nd Edition MEAP 3 Update

The 3rd MEAP update of PostGIS In Action, 2nd Edition will be going out very shortly to Early Action purchasers. Keep your eyes peeled. Lots of errata corrections in previous chapters and appendix, and one very VERY new chapter on Raster functions which took a ton of time to write, so hopefully it will be well received. Our progress on the chapters is listed on PostGIS In Action 2nd Edition Chapters and all the ones marked as completed you will find in the MEAP. The ones with paperclips have downloadable code and data which you can click on the paperclip to download.

Regarding Raster, the Raster Function chapter is just merely the tip. You'll see a lot more raster usage in upcoming Relating two or more spatial objects and Raster Processing chapter which we are still fleshing out.

We are immensely grateful to all the early action subscribers who have posted errata or general comments about what can be clarified or examples that don't work. General comments about what specific kinds of examples you'd like to see are also welcome. Your opinions really influence what we write and make for a better book.

We are going a little bit slower than expected for 2 main reasons: