Forget Linux, Forget Unix, Forget MacWhatever, forget Windows, and any other OS you may be using. Say hello to PostOS. PostOS is built on PostgreSQL technology and fits you like a glove.

The built-in planner watches you type (or stare in confusion) and creates a composite image of what kind of person you are and what behavior it should emulate. It's integrated monitor display and speakers are used to provide information as well as to watch and hear your every move. The built-in image recognition system (an extension to the PostGIS extension), can distinguish between members of your family and can impersonate them as well and change behavior accordingly.

If gesturing is your thing, not to worry, PostOS is a master at gesturing and can also gesture right back at you. You can signal commands from across the room, and have confirming winks to register your wish has been executed. PostOS is infinitely extensible, and many extensions are already available on PostOS PGXN repository.

Some extensions you might be interested in.

As with all PostgreSQL extensions, PostOS extensions are simple to install. To install what_should_I_wear, simply do:

CREATE EXTENSION what_should_I_wear

You can also have the extension automatically install, by standing naked in front of the display panel.