PostGIS 2.0.3 for Windows x32 and x64 installers

We have all the setup executables for PostgreSQL 8.4-9.2 32-bit and PostgreSQL 9.1-9.2 x64-bit for PostGIS 2.0.3. We'll have the 9.0x64-bit ones up shortly but do have the binaries.

We are planning to release these to stackbuilder sometime next week, but would like some feedback first with any issues people run into.

One person already reported a serious bug in our original packaging which we fixed. If you already installed 2.0.3 the x64-bit version or any of the 9.2 versions (both x32 and x64) that was not marked as, -2.exe, you'll want to reinstall. The 8.4-9.1 32-bits were not affected so just have a -1.

Packages can be downloaded from:

General details on what is included:

As always if you are installing for PostgreSQL x64 make sure to pick a zip or installer with 64 in the name. The unmarked or marked with 32 are just for PostgreSQL 32-bit.