PostgreSQL 8.3 is out and the Project Moves On

PostgreSQL 8.3 is out

As many have said - PostgreSQL 8.3 was released on February 4th, 2008 and has numerous enhancements. Listing of features can be found at PostgreSQL 8.3 release notes, and has been mentioned ad-nauseum by several Postgres bloggers. Robert Treat has provided a nice round-up of blog entries that demonstrate various 8.3 enhancements in his PostgreSQL Blog's 8.3 Feature Round-Up. As a side note, the new EnterpriseDb funded Stack Builder feature for windows provides a nice complement for getting add-ons to PostgreSQL.

Horizon of PostgreSQL

Many PostgreSQL contributors are very proud of the fact that PostgreSQL is an open source project and therefore can not be bought like MySQL which is an open source product made by a commercial company. I'm not sure general PostgreSQL users really care that much about this. I suspect that many think

To many, the fact that PostgreSQL can't be bought and that its BSD licensed leaves some nagging questions?