Searching for phrases embedded in stored function and procedures

Issue: Ever had the situation where you decided to delete a table or some other function or type but you weren't absolutely sure if other functions in the database depended on these. For things like tables and views that depend on a function, type or other table/view, PostgreSQL won't allow you to delete the dependency object without doing a drop cascade. For stored procedures though, while it will prevent you from deleting a dependency type if the function returns or takes as input the object to be deleted, it doesn't save you if the body of the function references these objects. This dependency information is not always known and in fact may be dynamic with dynamically generated sql or schema path settings. So how do you inspect functions for usage of other items?

Solution: PostgreSQL has a table called pg_catalog.pg_proc which stores the source code of functions (non-C) in the prosrc column.

So lets say you had a table called employees you want to get rid of or simply rename, to find out all functions that reference the term "employees", you would do something like this:

SELECT proname, proargnames, prosrc 
 FROM pg_proc
 WHERE prosrc ILIKE '%employees%';