Waiting for PostGIS 2.1 series and Autobuilds

In the spirit of Depesz, Waiting for PostgreSQL 9.3 series, we've started our own little PostGIS series on our Boston GIS blog called Waiting for PostGIS 2.1 that showcases all the new cool features coming in PostGIS 2.1 as they get committed to the code base. Check it out.

If you are on windows, the PostGIS 2.1 window binary builds get built whenever there is a change in PostGIS 2.1 code base by Winnie our windows PostGIS build bot, for PostgreSQL 9.0-9.2 (64-bit) and 9.2 (32-bit), so you can't use the I can't compile excuse if you are on windows, not to test out the new changes :). You can download these from Windows Experimental Builds. We are hoping to do the same for Debian Squeeze (6) soon. The main reason we built our bot Debbie on Debian (which makes the source tarballs), is because Debian is a very popular deployment platform for PostGIS, that is currently underserved so we have many Debian users frustrated at not having a readily available PostGIS 2.0 release for example.