Moving PostGIS to another schema with Extensions

One of the things people have complained about for quite some time is that postgis is installed in the public schema by default and it's difficult to move after the fact. With now over 900 functions types, etc, in the 2.0.0 release that is a lot of cluttering of workspace. Now that postgis 2.0.0 is packaged as an extension, you can move all those functions etc. to another schema with the ALTER EXTENSION command. PgAdmin even throws a nice GUI on top to allow you to do this with some mouse maneuvering if you prefer the guided way. This might very well be my most favorite usability feature, because if things don't work out you can just move it back to public. I've been hesitant to do this before because well it was harder and I have a lot of 3rd party apps I work with and fear one of them hard-coded public.geometry somewhere. With extensions I can easily revert if it doesn't work out.

I've done this with some of my databases and been testing out how it works. So far so good. Here is how you do it.

ALTER DATABASE your_db_goes_here SET search_path="$user", public, postgis,topology;
GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA postgis TO public;

On a somewhat unrelated side note aside from the fact it has to do with postgis not being in same schema as geometry table is someone mentioned in PostGIS newsgroup recently that is an issue if you are using conditional triggers. That is that if you have a conditional when trigger it can't find the geometry when you restore the database because of the way the restore process changes search_path.

I'm expecting the extension model to significantly simplify PostGIS upgrades in the future, because since the functions don't get backed up, they don't get in the way when you do a hard upgrade. Hard upgrade will simply reduce to just restoring your database.