PgCon 2011 Notes recap and more notes

Since others have shared their PostgreSQL Conference notes on Planet PostgreSQL: Josh Berkus, Blake Crosby, Selena Deckelman, Dmitri Fontaine, Bruce Momjian, Gabrielle Roth, Andreas Scherbaum, and Greg Smith, I thought I'd do my civic duty and add Paul Ramsey's notes to the mix. His are on his corporate OpenGeo blog which is carried by Planet Geospatial and Planet OSGeo but not by Planet PostgreSQL. One thing I admire about Paul is how easily he lets himself be changed by his environment. Sometimes you have to be a little careful what you say to him since he sometimes takes your comments a little too much to heart and changes a little bit more than you had intended. Anyrate here are his notes: PgCon Notes #1, PgCon Notes #2, PgCon Notes #3.