On Book writing and upcoming speaking engagements

We are on the final stretch of our book writing adventure. All the chapters are done and more or less finalized. We are now going over the proofs of the chapters making last minute corrections before print. Hopefully we'll see the printed version before end February. It's been a long 1.5+ years. I was really hoping we'd be published before Leo's 40th, but his 40th came and went. Though looks like we'll make it before mine with 5 - 6 months to spare. On the bright side, I guess if we write a book again, we'll know what to expect.

I really love the Manning code annotation style. Here are some snapshots of some from PostGIS in Action. We have just the black and white prints of some of the chapters so we can make sure the printed figures will look okay. The e-book version will be in color, but sadly the printed will be in black and white.

spatial and non-spatial join fastfood restaurants along a highway
trigger creating tables

In February, we'll be speaking in 2011 North Carolina Geographic Information Systems Conference, Raleigh, NC USA and visiting a long-time friend from our college days: