PostGIS 1.5.2 is out

The PostGIS development team is proud to announce the availability of PostGIS 1.5.2. Further details are on the website PostGIS 1.5.2 release.

Leo and I are still working on the windows builds. As stated before the 32-bit builds will be out first. We are still preparing our 64-bit test environment on our new 64-bit laptop.

For those who are on 64-bit windows. Sami has some PostGIS 64-bit binaries for PostgreSQL 9.0 windows available on his blog. Though he just has the binaries available so you will need to use the other files from the 32-bit install.

To answer Sami's question, since he has asked it more than once: I really can't understand why PostGIS developers still want to compile the whole stuff using msys/mingw and that kind of stuff. We have Visual C++ (yes, the compiler is available for free), everything compiles with it and you don't have to whine about how hard it is to compile stuff for Windows because it's not GNU.
There are 3 reasons:

Okay we have whined enough. There are talks in the PostGIS and GEOS group of switching to CMake and to have a process that builds said make / project files so that we can more easily support GNU and VS without hopefully not adding too much extra work on anyone's plate. We will see how that goes. Will we compile the 64-bit version under Msys64 or VS -- we would like to do both and compare the 2. :)