Year in review

This was a truly exciting year for us and the PostgreSQL project and perhaps a bit depressing for MySQL.

The following events happened:

Plans for 2010

What are our plans for 2010?

What will happen to the database industry in 2010

I usually try to keep my mouth shut on these topics. I must say that I have noticed a bit of animosity from some PostgreSQL people toward the whole MySQL/Oracle affair, comments like He lives by the sword, he should die by the sword. Other interesting conjectures as to what this means for Open Source databases, Is Monty right that the apparent rape of MySQL by Oracle is only bad and will cause countless pain and suffering for many. All I can say is "What..ever".

Some argue that Monty's fight is all about money and some don't that he is earnestly trying to save the world from Oracle. To me its a fight about a man who has spent half his life nurturing this child MySQL named after his own son. Of course he has quite a bit of emotional attachment to it, as many in the PostgreSQL clan have an equal attachment to PostgreSQL and we have an equal non-economic (as well as economic) attachment to PostGIS and PostgreSQL. Equally so I'm sure Larry Ellison has perhaps a stronger attachment to the namesake Oracle database named after a CIA project he spent more than half his life nurturing.

So in short the motives on all side are clear and irrelevant to all except said people with said motives. In the end, what is relevant is what is relevant.