Wink: Making screencast tutorials

Debugmode Wink is a freeware piece of software for both business as well as personal use for doing screencasts and incorporating sound into your screen captures. The main useful format it outputs to is macromedia flash though you can output to PDF for handouts and so forth. While its not a PostgreSQL related item per se, it can be useful for making all sorts of tutorials including PostgreSQL tutorials that involve showing people how to do things on screen. We've started to experiment with tutorials of this format and hope to get into doing more hands on like tutorials. We'll probably be doing a using PostgreSQL in OpenOffice tutorial in this issue since it lends itself well to screen casting.

Where to get Wink and OS Support

You can get Wink from

It comes in two versions. One for Window and one for Linux. Haven't tried the Linux version so can't speak for its merits. From reading it seems the Linux version is a little behind in functionality of the windows one, though hopefully that will change.

Debug mode site has some other interesting video slicing, morphing and framing software also released as freeware.

Wink Features

These are the features of the Windows version 2.0 build

Below is a simple link of a screencast we made for PgCon2009 just in case our computer decided to break on us. OpenJump demo This one we didn't have any jazzy sound or other fancy features of Wink. Later tutorials we plan to explore the more advanced features of Wink like sound dubbing and bubble windows and so forth.