PLV8 binaries for PostgreSQL 10 windows both 32-bit and 64-bit

Now that we are in midst of moving our databases and client databases to PostgreSQL 10, we started to build our favorite extensions. One popular one which several have asked when we'll have ready for PostgreSQL 10, is the plv8 extensions.

We now have version 1.4.10 for PostgreSQL 10 windows both the 32-bit and 64-bit. The 64-bit versions will work for PostgreSQL EDB Windows as well as the BigSQL distribution.

Update 2019-11-13: xtuple builds now include PostgreSQL 12 as well. Refer to PLV8 github ticket. In addition they have builds for Mac and Linux. and download link
Update 2018-10-30: xtuple has newer builds for Windows EDB versions targeting PostgreSQL 9.4-11. Refer to PLV8 github ticket. In addition they have builds for Mac and Linux

BigSQL windows 64 distributions doesn't currently come with PL/V8 (though the BigSQL Linux and OSX offerings do). These binaries work on BigSQL windows as well. Note: OpenSCG uses MingW64 chain to build BigSQL on windows as well and newer than what I use. So when copying, make sure not to overwrite files that came with BigSQL.

Listed below PL/V8 binaries built for PostgreSQL 10 for windows 64-bit and 32-bit. These I tested with both EDB PostgreSQL 10 windows (32/64-bit) installs and BigSQL 64-bit . These were built with PLV8 v1.4.10.

PL/V8 PostgreSQL 10 binaries

We hope windows users find these useful.

A number of folks have asked if I can compile them a newer version of PL/V8. Unfortunately PL/V8 from 1.5 onwards requires a newer version of V8 engine and I haven't had the time with other paying work to focus on working out the kinks of building the newer V8. Anyone who has tried to compile V8 probably has an idea what a mess that is. The Google V8 team seems to change their tooling chain which from the outside seems just arbitrary and basic fumbling I haven't had much success getting their newer chains to work against mingw64, my preferred windows development platform. I've been toying with the idea of trying to build at least the V8 part under Cygwin since V8 instructions seem to favor that.

Anyrate if people are willing to fund my numerous hours of development to crack this, I'd be willing to put aside other paying work to do this. If you are interested, just write to me PLV8 Fund. You should note how much you are willing to spend on the effort and if I have enough folks interested (I'm thinking about $2000 worth), I can start work and invoice everyone who pledged if I am successful. You should be willing to spend at least $100 to make the hassle of invoicing you worth my while.

Money will go toward building newer PL/V8 versions as well as more speedily getting out new binaries whenever new releases of PL/V8 come out.