Migrating from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Alexander Kuznetsov on SQLblog.com has an interesting series going entitled with Learning PostgreSQL. In the series he focuses on what it takes to move a SQL Server database and App to PostgreSQL and highlights some of the key differences between the two platforms that you should watch out for. I recommend it to any SQL Server developer planning to make the switch to PostgreSQL or any PostgreSQL consultant tasked with the job and not familiar with the intricacies of SQL Server.

His PostgreSQL feed can be found here here

So far on his list of articles in the series:

  1. Learning PostgreSQL: First Steps
  2. Learning PostgreSQL: Reading and Writing from .NET
  3. Learning PostgreSQL: Functions and refcursors
  4. Learning PostgreSQL: bulk loading data
  5. Learning PostgreSQL: overloading
  6. Learning PostgreSQL: old versions of rows are stored right in the table