PostGIS 2.1 Bundle for PostgreSQL 9.3 Windows Stackbuilder

PostGIS 2.1 bundle for PostgreSQL 9.3 Windows is now available on StackBuilder for windows users. You will find both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The bundle includes the following features:

One thing that is different with this packaging is that we are no longer providing a template_postgis database. However if you want your database created for you, you can check the Create spatial database option which will create a regular old database with all the packaged extensions under the sun created for you.

If you get an error of the form Invalid access to memory location in postgis-2.1.dll as noted in this ticket, give your PostgreSQL service a restart. Haven't determined what is causing this, but have a suspicion it has something to do with permissions or the environment setting for GDAL not being picked up until service restart. If restarting doesn't resolve the issue, please put a note in that ticket what you were doing to trigger the error.

DZone Essential PostGIS

On a related topic. Our DZone Essential PostGIS refcard has been published which is mostly focused on using PostGIS 2.1. We are working on an updated Essential PostgreSQL refcard with planned release around the same time as our second edition of PostgreSQL Up and Running. Both the updated refcard and new edition of book will be focused on PostgreSQL 9.3 and 9.2 features as well as other important features from previous editions. Yes these do require a free registration to get the free cards, if you are not a DZone member. Save your free speeches. We heard them last time.