PostgreSQL 9.2 windows binaries for file_textarray_fdw

We discussed a while back the Text array foreign data wrapper that allows you to register and query a delimited file as if it were a regular table with one array column. It's probably the FDW we use most often and reminded of that recently when I had to query a 500,000 record resident list tab delimited file to prep for geocoding.

When we upgraded to 9.2 and we could no longer compile, I wrote to Andrew Dunstan about this and he kindly created a 9.2 version. Unfortunately there are still quite a few FDWs broken as a result of the 9.2 changes and I was hoping to try to apply similar patches to them that I saw Andrew do, but haven't had the patience or time yet. Anyway we've compiled these for 9.2 under our mingw64-w64 and mingw64-w32 chains using Andrew's 9.2 GitHub stable branch. and we've tested them using the PostgreSQL EDB windows VC++ compiled versions. We hope you find them as useful as we have.

I'm hoping to add more FDWs to these 9.2 bags once we have those working again. If you want to compile yourself or compile others, we have instructions in the packaged README.txt.