PostGIS in Action 2nd Edition reaching MEAP soon

We just finished the first draft of the first 5 chapters of the second edition of PostGIS in Action and is slated to be added to Manning's Early Action Program (MEAP) in the next 2-3 weeks. Some people have asked us about this when they can start purchasing the new edition. The new edition is purchaseable as soon as it hits MEAP phase. With a MEAP purchase you get the E-Book drafts as soon as they are available and if you buy the MEAP with hard-copy option, you also get the final hard-copy when released. MEAP is the same price as the regular book except it can only be bought direct thru Manning and it gives you access to early content so you can see all our mistakes and cross outs as things change.

We shuffled some of the chapters a bit from our earlier table of contents, but in these first 5 chapters you'll be exposed to new features in PostGIS 2.0, the more modern way of creating spatial tables, utilizing the new raster and topology types, and also find out about the new great stuff coming in PostGIS 2.1 that is already available in PostGIS 2.1 pre-release. More on that in the coming weeks.

What is coming in PostGIS 2.1 that you don't want to miss? Lots. Check out our Waiting for PostGIS 2.1 series and also a list of Duncan Golicher's highlights, which Pierre Racine has kindly outlined in Duncan Golicher's series of PostGIS articles