Back from DDOS Attack

As many may have noticed, has been down for the past week or so and probably is still not reachable from many parts of the world since our DNS server was also taken down as a result of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack instigated by an Activision Call of Duty Game exploit that turned thousands of Call of Duty game servers into Zombies launching an attack on us.

We have a small confession to make. One of the businesses we co-own is an e-Commerce site that sells condoms. You never know how people will react when you say that in mixed company so we only mention it in closer company. Some people are glad we are in a business protecting against venereal diseases or unwanted pregnancies and some feel strongly we are violating a mother nature creed of conduct. WowCondoms was the site that was under attack on a UDP port and we are not sure if it was a malicious intent or not since the root instigator has not been found yet. The attack was higher up from our servers so it knocked our ISP who in turn blamed us for their outage. We never saw the traffic.

The tragic thing is that it can happen to any site and does all the time. It really hit home when it happened to us.

Details of our fight are described here: WowCondoms plugs hole in Activision's Call of Duty Game Servers