Dennis Ritchie - Inventor of C: In Memorium

It is with sadness that I learned of the passing of Dennis Ritchie - inventor of C and who made much of Unix, other operating systems, and many software (including Postgres) possible. More details at Remembering Dennis Ritchie: Software Pioneer and Dennis Ritchie, in Memoriam.

Dennis Ritchie co-authored the book, The C Programming Language, a classic, which many of my peers grew up with. It was one of the textbooks at MIT for Civil Engineering 1.00 when we were attending when the course was essentially an introduction to programming with C.

The harsh irony is that when Steve Jobs passed away I was probably the only one around me who felt no remorse and hoped the curve fanaticism Jobs fueled would die with him. When Dennis Ritchie passed away I was probably one of the few around me who knew who he was and appreciated the great contributions he made to the computer industry.