PostgreSQL 9.0 Cheat Sheet Overview
UPDATE: We have changed the licensing on the cheat sheet to Creative Commons per request

To celebrate the arrival of the long awaited PostgreSQL 9.0, we have prepared a multi-page PostgreSQL 9.0 cheat sheet that covers prior PostgreSQL constructs plus new 9.0 features. PDF version of this cheat sheet is available at PostgreSQL 9.0 Cheat sheet in PDF 8/12 by 11", PostgreSQL 9.0 Cheat sheet in PDF A4 and the PostgreSQL 9.0 Cheat sheet in HTML.

We took some advice from several readers and this time broke the cheatsheet into multiple pages. Hopefully you won't need magnifying glasses to read this one. We also switched to landscape and put all the examples at the end.

If you find any errors or anything major we left out, please let us know and we'll amend.