Many changes in PostgreSQL

Today was a very eventful day for PostgreSQL. We'll cover these changes in a bit.

Massive Forking of PostgreSQL project

First in PostgreSQL Announcements - David Fetter announces massive forking of the PostgreSQL project in several factions. We now have the following -- so take your pick:

  1. Shizzle: High-performance and Feature-Free
  2. MaryMary: Compiled with libhaltingproblem
  3. Narcona: Painless installation and setup
  4. OurThing: Lots of sources, based in Sicily
  5. XPostgres: Everybody who's ever worked on Postgres code, back to UC Berkeley and Illustra.
  6. Moon/PostgreSQL: Corporate support, as long as it lasts.

I feel this may be good for the community because it is hard to satisfy all these factions in one project. Now perhaps the newsgroups will be a bit calmer.

PgAdmin has come to an end -- make way for OpenPgAdmin

Dave Page announced today that the PgAdmin team received an offer they couldn't refuse from a very big software company yet to be announced. So they are closing PgAdmin and you will soon be able to purchase the services and support contracts from this new company.

Not to worry, Devrim Gunduz, has forked PgAdmin to form OpenPgAdmin. You can check out the site here

I must say as much as we are saddened to see the PgAdmin group leave for more fun escapades, We are happy we finally have an administration tool that has the word Open in its name. If it starts with Open, its got to be open. Now all we need is an OpenPost PostgreSQL fork to go with it. OpenPost I think will be easier to pronounce than PostgreSQL and Postgres and it has Open in its name.

So to add to the list of PostgreSQL project forks, I would like to see another project fork

OpenPost: Its free, open source, fast, feature-rich, easy to use and best of all you can pronounce it and its open.